Krantz Stable Updates

From There To Here

In 1985 I had been out of school for about two years and marked the month of June by exchanging marriage vows and celebrating the success of my first two years as a full-time gainfully employed citizen by looking to invest some hard earned capital in a serious hobby -- something my new bride and I could enjoy together and a pastime to seek relief from the drudgery of work. Well, sailing seemed like a good way to get away from it all and I had enough experience on friend's boats to start a search for the right boat. The boat had to fit in a modest budget for a newlywed but could be more than a rowboat. After weeks of searching classified ads and looking at boats I found the right one and made my best offer. With great disappointment I received the word my proposal had been turned down.

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What is a Rainmaker?

The Random House Webster's College Dictionary (the one we bought to help with the kids' homework) defines a rainmaker as: An American Indian medicine man who by various rituals and incantations seeks to cause rain. Rainout is defined as: The cancellation or postponement of a sports event, performance, etc., because of rain. Let there be known there is no diagram, picture or description of a chestnut Louisiana bred, Thoroughbred racehorse, bred by Vickie or Bryan Krantz, named Coach Rags. Someone at Webster's is asleep on the job!

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Opening Weekend is Here!

Thanksgiving is turkey, gravy, dressing and horse racing in our family. This is the holiday when the kids go to maw maw's and pa pa's house and the adults go to spend some long hours sorting out finishing touches on Opening Day. This year was one for the books. Picture perfect weather, lots of people, just a few minor glitches and lots of happy faces.

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The Toughest Issue to Deal With

Hello...Gary? Hey what's going on this morning? (Gary) Well, we two-minute-clipped (a fast open gallop) Ispeakasiplease and he went really well. Man is he doing good right now. The big filly (Miss New Orleans) went to the gate but she needs to go back again. (Bryan) Well I guess she's a slow learner. (Gary) Voodoo is going to work a half out of the gate in a little while. Do you want me to call you back and let you know how she does? (Bryan) OK. I have to go downtown this morning and I'll be out of pocket all day.

Hello? (Gary) Bryan? The filly dropped dead. (Bryan) Yes... I was pushing the speaker button on the phone and the line went ...what did you say? (Gary) The filly... she broke from the gate, went about a quarter and had a heart attack. She went about 24.00 for the first quarter to the wire. She went behind the hedges and never came out. The next thing Billy was announcing to hold all works. (Bryan) Is the boy alright? (Gary) Yes. He's fine. He said she got to the wire and started to quiver like something was wrong. He started to ease her up and she just dropped. She never drew a breath after she hit the ground. (Bryan) You OK? (Gary) I can't believe this happened. (Bryan) Well this is a first. If you stay in this business long enough you'll see it all. I'm glad no one else was hurt. I'm sorry it happened.

Hello. Randall (Redneck Racing Stable, her other owners). Ummm... I have some bad news for you about Voodoo Princess...

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What’s A Schooling Race?

Things are progressing pretty well for opening day. Well, unless you need a dining reservation or box seat to sit in and haven't made a reservation yet. More than 1,000 horses now populate the barn area of the track with the remainder of the capacity of 2,000 stalls to be filled between this week and the week after Thanksgiving. The level of activity at the track is building to the frenetic pace of opening. This Saturday we staged our first series of training races and Miz Myrtis was the first participant from our barn.

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Stable Roster Update

Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching. While the Saints are at mid-season and have gotten off to a division-leading start we are just coming to the end of our off-season training. With three weeks to go there are still lots of questions to be answered. There are several bright spots and some blanks to be filled in. Here is the rundown:

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Bringing a Racetrack to Life

One of the most lonely and desolate scenes imaginable is a racetrack during its off-season. Imagine 2,000 stalls, associated tack rooms and dormitory areas silent and still. No activity in the common street areas, horseman's cafeteria or tack and feed stores. The grandstand of 4,000 seats on four levels sits empty and quiet. An occasional maintenance worker checks on the status of the building or an occasional pigeon stirring in the metal overhang. The down time gives a racetrack the soul haunting loneliness of a long abandoned ghost town.

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Hurricane Stories

Living in New Orleans is a unique experience for many reasons. Your first thought after that statement is great food or great music but one other experience to add to the list for those of us who live here is the hurricane experience. If you become a permanent resident of the Gulf Coast you will come to terms with this force of nature. The smaller storms dump rain by the buckets and have winds, which snap the small limbs from trees. The larger ones have names and create landmark events for children to mark their life memories with for later years.

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Job Well Done!

Coach Rags turned in a professional performance in his win at Louisiana Downs this past Thursday, Sept. 5. It's amazing to see how he responds in certain situations. He shipped well, was settled in his stall after a quick roll and shake, according to Pat Herbert his attending groom. This was a stark contrast to his wired, nervous display back on the Fourth of July. He was calm as he was led over to the paddock and relaxed in the post parade before the race. When the gate opened for the race he dropped his head and galloped along, settling behind the field of horses within the first sixteenth of a mile. I don't think any of us who know Coach Rags well would guarantee a win at that point but we could tell you he was going to put in a top effort. Tim Doocy was riding him for the first time and made all the right moves. The two began to pick up horses down the back stretch and made a powerful move five horses wide around the far turn. As the group turned for home it became a two horse race between Rags and Nelson's Magic. Rags outkicked Nelson's Magic to the wire to win by about three-quarters of a length. Well done! His next start should be the Shiskabob on October 19 at Louisiana Downs.

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Stable Roster

Since we are getting into the beginning of the season for our team it is in order to get to know who the players are. The following is a listing of the current roster coming out of summer camp. Remember some of the players are subject to being cut or traded before the Fair Grounds season based on how well they perform in the preseason:

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