Krantz Stable Updates

Hold Your Breath!

Horses have as many personality types as people. Physically they come in all different shapes and sizes. Even if they are blessed with the physical ability to run fast and the confirmation to stand the demands of training they may not have what it takes when it comes to desire to win or have the mental toughness to compete at a high level.

YoullbeinmyheartAs a contrast the two horses from our stable in Shreveport this Fourth of July weekend couldn't be more different. Coach Rags is a tall, leggy, wiry, chestnut (sorrel or red). He has all the physical tools. He is a galloper and does not have the turn of foot (natural speed) necessary for sprint races (races shorter than a mile). When he relaxes in a race and allows the pace to be dictated by the front-runners he is at his best. His greatest flaw is he has never grown up. He isn't mean, he just has his own mind and follows it for good or bad. In the races he has run bad (like yesterday), he has felt so good he just wouldn't settle in at the barn. He would circle in his stall, rear in the shedrow and generally act like an adolescent teenager (or as the real Coach Rags would say, "He's just a STUPID BOY!"). His race when he is in this frame of mind shapes up the same. He breaks from the gate and tries to challenge for the lead or press the pace. The rider has all he can handle because if he grabs the reins to restrain Rags, he is determined to do the opposite. This waste of energy takes its toll when its time to ask for speed at the end of the race. This is similar in some ways to War Emblem's (this year's Kentucky Derby winner) style of running. The difference is Rags doesn't usually win when this happens. His other quirk is he doesn't drink much. No not whiskey! He won't drink enough water to stay hydrated. He is given electrolytes and monitored closely. On a day like yesterday he struggled with the heat. In the race yesterday he should have been very competitive but his mental melt down cost him any real chance to win. Remember a 20% winning ratio is about tops in the sport of racing.

You'llbeinmyheart is dark bay (dark brown almost black), average height, and if she was a human about 36-24-36. She is a striking horse to look at. She is the professional. She is quiet in the stall and around the barn. Going to the track she comes to life and focuses all her energy into training. She wants to win! You'llbeinmyheart has a quick acceleration and can be placed on the lead in a race or rate back off of the leaders. It looks like the Fantasia Stakes will have about seven starters, including us. Trainer Cole Norman has entered Taylor's Queen and she seems to be a filly of some quality along with C. J.'s Star, the second place finisher to You'llbeinmyheart in the Battler Star at Fair Grounds. We had a 3/8th-mile work this morning. You'llbeinmyheart needed a recorded work before the race because she has been away from racing since the first Friday in May. The track clocker timed her in 38 seconds. This was just a move to help her stretch her legs and show she is physically able to perform. If she runs to her ability she should be pretty competitive in this race. The Fantasia is the seventh race on Sunday's card and is scheduled for 4:27 PM, so the horses should come over a little after 4 PM to the paddock.

Have a happy 4th weekend!