Krantz Stable Updates

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Well things didn't have the fairy tale ending we had hoped for. The recap of events goes something like this... After an alert break You'llbeinmyheart was very eager for the lead in the first part of the race and took some time to settle. She seemed to be cruising along with the pace. When Robby Albarado asked her, she picked up the pace turning for home and she went to the lead. The other horses came to her and she could not sustain her drive and flattened out. Rather than punish her for her hard effort Robbie just allowed her to coast home. It appeared she had stopped rather badly. Nothing is wrong; she was just tired and gave way. So with no excuses to offer other than the winners were better on this day we will regroup and plot a course of action.

YoullbeinmyheartHaving a horse competing on Derby weekend is as near the top of the sport of racing as you can get. It is great to know we had a real shot here. Robby was quick to praise You'llbeinmyheart in defeat, saying she would do well at Churchill if we chose to leave her or ship her around to other tracks for the summer. Our short-term plan is to bring her home to Folsom and freshen her for an assault on Louisiana Downs stakes ranks. Before any real plans can be made, we need to see if she came out of this race OK and get her on the van on Sunday.

Special thanks should be given to Lane's End, Neil Howard and the crew who helped us prepare for the race. The experience has been the best and short of a better finish in the race lots of fun. Our most sincere thanks goes out also to Gary Palmisano for spending the two weeks in Louisville chasing a dream for us.

Winning streaks and unbeaten horses all come to an end (except on a very rare occasion). Our filly will win other races on other days in and we hope out of Louisiana. Many horses don't win four races in a lifetime much less their first four in a row. We are still very proud of her accomplishments and if she would never win again You'llbeinmyheart is forever a special member of our horse family.