Krantz Stable Updates

The Switch Is On!

After her work Tuesday, You'llbeinmyheart was scheduled to walk Wednesday morning. At arrival to the barn she had eaten all of her dinner from the night and was bright eyed looking over the webbing for some action. Gary and her groom Rene (her groom on loan form Neil Howard) took her out for a bath. She has dapples (skin colorings showing a sign of robust health) covering her dark bay flanks on both sides. She has put on muscle mass and looks to be a finely toned athlete. She was mischievously chewing the lead shank as she got her bath in the before dawn glow of outside lights from between the barns. With each pass of the soapy sponge and then the water scoop she became a bit more animated. It was apparent the work from Tuesday had the desired effect. She was going to be a handful to walk this morning. Someone was going to have a devil of a time making left turns with her at least until she settled down. As Gary made the first round around the barn with her several of Neil's employees had gathered against the wall to visit just before work started. The enclave didn't get a long session as You'llbeinmyheart reared and bucked all four feet off the ground landing where the little circle of people had been a split second before. This is an undeniable sign the switch is on and she is ready. She eventually settled down after Gary was in a full sweat. After she was put away she dove into her breakfast and vacuumed the tub clean.

YoullbeinmyheartIt rained overnight Wednesday so turf training (training allowed on the Churchill Downs turf course for stakes race participants) was canceled. Plan "B" became a 1-mile gallop over the main track. As with the morning before You'llbeinmyheart was anxiously awaiting our arrival. She was happy to be out of her stall as her exercise girl, Annie, made a turn around the barn. Gary led her from the barn to the gap of the track to begin her gallop. As she approached the area another horse coming off from his exercise jumped in a display of "good feeling" energy. That was all it took! She launched skyward and Annie was hanging on for dear life. Trainer Dallas Stewart came to Gary's rescue and with Gary helped settle everyone down. Dallas walked her out to the track and she went off right away. You'llbeinmyheart has always been a nice mover on the race track. She has a nice reaching stride and seems to glide along. Her stride has never appeared more efficient than this morning. She appears to be coming up to the race at her absolute peak. On returning to the gap she once again put on a show for all to see. Annie dropped her feet out of the irons (stirrups) for better control but there were several anxious moments before the humps were out of You'llbeinmyheart and the group could return to the barn. She got her bath and cooled out without incident. She then ate her breakfast in record time.

There has been a pretty good rain in Louisville overnight and today. We are hopeful the turf course doesn't become soft. In looking at the pace of the race on paper it sure looks like we will be on or near the front and a harder turf will help our cause. This is a big step for You'llbeinmyheart class wise from the horses she has run with and beat in her other races. She seems to fit with this group of horses in the Edgewood and seems to ready for a top personal effort. The race is the 4th race on the program at Churchill Downs tomorrow and should run about 1:30 EST.